Wolfgang Niessner


Wolfgang Niessner was born in Salzburg and grew up surrounded by pianos of his family’s piano workshop. Music and languages ​​have always played a major role for him. These interests were passed on to him through his mother, the singer and translator, and through the numerous Salzburg Festival artists who had performed every summer – those who had tried rented pianos, as well as singers, pianists and conductors.

Since his studies in Salzburg and Vienna, Niessner has been working as an opera coach for experienced singers as well as for the young, up and coming ones.

In addition to his work as a composer, author and improviser, the opera coaching is very important to him. The ups and downs of opera work such as time pressure, triumphal premieres, grateful feedback, despair, accidents, successful performance as an understudy and enjoyment of it all give him meaning to his coaching. But the main drive behind his detailed work is the organic learning of a role being prepared and its vocal, diction and structured memory work, especially for modern opera.